Which? Direct Mail Pack

Which? Direct Mail Pack
Which? Direct Mail Pack

Client: Which?

Project: Direct Mail Pack

Acquisition pack to recruit new subscribers. The pack features a brochure showing the wide range of products and services tested by Which?, and a structure of incentives including a £250,000 prize draw and mystery gifts.

Which? stopped using prize draw packs recently, even though the incentive was highly effective and beat packs without prize draws consistently for around 40 years.

It should be said that these prize draw packs were highly effective because they helped attract attention to the brand and because this incentive undoubtedly contributed to the generation of direct subscriptions, thus supporting the bottom line and the building of the brand. 

However, no brand proposition, price position or personality is permanent. Brands (and their marketing) need to anticipate and adapt to evolving consumer needs and tastes. Like the brands they support, incentives also need to change and modernise. Unfortunately prize draws haven't noticeably changed for years and testing innovative ideas is seldom tried properly and with conviction. Swamping packs with prize draw content will negatively affect a brand, but this should not be seen as a failure of prize draws as a marketing tool.

If tested properly for modern use in print and online, prize draws remain a valuable supporting element in the marketing mix.