Various Book Covers

Various Book Covers
Chapmans European Directory

Client: Chapmans / HarperCollins

Project: European Directory

Directory of all European Union personnel, departments and organisations. Complete design, including layout, illustration and cover.

Life Change

Client: Cambridge International Publishers

Project: Life Change

Cover for a book on global environmental change.

Design by Jonathan Barnbrook.

Afrika Diary

Client: Brandes & Apsel Verlag

Project: Afrika Taschenkalender

Cover for an Africa-themed pocket diary.

Child's Play

Client: Barrie & Jenkins

Project: Child's Play

Cover for a novel by Clare Nonhebel. Illustration by Lara Harwood.

The Horse in History

Client: Cambridge International Publishers

Project: The Horse in History

Cover for a coffee-table book about the role of horses in history.